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1. Fruitydesign uses WordPress

What could be better, than a successful website that works well? Nothing! At Fruitydesign, we use WordPress to develop and structure your websites, because it easy, simple and effective. Fruitydesign use WordPress, because WordPress enables you to change your website at any time, for example if you have any quires about your website, we can tweak and change it to fit your needs so that you can be confident about your website again.

2. Updates weekly

Updating content weekly, is beneficial for any business. At Fruitydesign, we update our blog weekly so that our customers are informed of any change, we may have done. Lets be honest, what’s worse than having an outdated website that is slow and hasn’t had any fresh, new content? In order to prevent this, we have carefully planned out how to update our website, so that nothing is missed or forgotten about.

3. We are a brand new business

Trendy, modern and fresh. Fruitydesign, are a brand new company with young, experienced web designers who develop this site weekly. Definitely a bonus for a company.

4. How Fruitydesign was created

In January 2021, it was discussed by the team about how we could advertise our web, logo and icon designs to our customers. We spent months trying to find a name for our business, and landed on Fruitydesign because it is unique to our business and doesn’t copywrite any other company.

Having the ability to also, create your own website is something special and Fruitydesign was created by a designer who works with Fruitydesign, and knows what the company wants which we think is important.

Thanks Fruity Design Team.

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